Friday, April 29, 2011

Reach for the Stars

By Corey Boobar

Star designs have always been a staple in the tattoo industry. Some have significant meaning to individuals, and others just like the look of them. Nautical stars are a very popular design, and their meaning or significance has evolved over time. Sailors used to get these stars tattooed a symbol of safety, protection, and guidance. They were able to navigate based on the North Star, which guided them home with safe passage. Sailors aren't the only ones who get nautical star tattoos, and many people get them as a symbol of hope, guidance, or a symbol of home. Some people, especially in our region and within the younger generation refer to these stars as "nor cal" stars, as a symbol of pride in being from/living in Northern California. 
Stars can also be a symbol of ones faith or beliefs. The six pointed star, or the star of David, is often a symbol of Judaism. The five pointed star within a circle is called a pentagram, and is often associated with wiccan beliefs, or even satanism. Many people believe this symbol to represent the elements. Each point representing earth, wind, fire, water, and the spirit. Shooting stars are also a very popular tattoo design symbolizing a brief moment in someone's life that left a lasting impression. Others may get star tattoos to simply represent the night time. Stars can represent a goal you are reaching for, or something far off but within sight. A lot of people just get star tattoos for the simple fact that they like the design and the aesthetics. Whatever the reason for getting a star tattoo, we are happy to accommodate your designs and visions, and provide for you the best tattoo experience we can. 
Thanks, Kindra