Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Popular Piercings and How they Got That Way

All Piercings By Kathleen Langley @ Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing, North Tahoe, Ca.
Author Malcom Gladwell has a wonderful book titled "The Tipping Point." One amazing fact I took away from his work in this tome;  how a few "special " people heavily influence fickle humanity toward a product or service. Just a spoken thought or action - what these "special" people may or may not wear, gobble up for lunch, goods and services they personally favor, purchase, etc - others take notice and follow.  Author Gladwell coins these influential consumers "Connectors."   
No amount of advertising dollars or clever social media marketing campaigns can accomplish what these incredible "Connectors" do. Really there is no thought to it on the Connectors part. These people just go through life enjoying themselves, taking in the best of what they find or discover out in the consumer world. Yet the difference between them and the general consumer masses is this: the folks that know these special Connectors look up to them in some way, admire what they know, who they know, and the products they use. Maybe it is admiration or charisma that others are attracted to. Whatever "IT" is these Connectors have - to a business they are very valuable!
Product and service providers cannot buy this "thing" that these certain people possess. 
Surface Piercing near Tragus by Kathleen Langley @ Lucky 7 Tahoe

    As a body piercer just shy of 20 years in my chosen profession, certain years have been very popular for particular piercings. A few of these "trending" piercings were set off by celebrities. When the Aerosmith video for the song "CRYIN" hit the MTV airwaves. Alicia Silverstone went on a coming of age journey in the video, with the highlight being a trip to a body piercer for the cutting edge hoop through her flat 16 year old naughty school girl stomach. Belly button piercings instantly became my bread and butter.
Naval Piercings, "90's Style Hoops" (captive bead rings)  By Kathleen Langley

At the time in the early 1990's - at the bare minimum, 6 of my customers per day requested this cutting edge, midriff adornment. In 2012 the naval piercing have morphed into a right of passage for the 16 to 18 set. Marking important birthdays. In marking their 18th birthday, belly piercings mark "not needing Ma or Pa's permission any longer" to do what they like to their own temple. For other ladies over 18, many come in for a belly barbell after a painful divorce from a controlling man. Or perhaps after working on their fitness, getting a more toned bod, wanting to show off a sexy new core. No matter the decade, or the decade of life these woman are in - the example is set by the trendsetters of their peer group.
"Evolution of the Naval Piercing"- Triple Naval Piercing by Kathleen Langley @ Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing-Lake Tahoe
     The last 2 years at Lucky 7 we have had an explosion of what I like to call "hardcore ear project" piercings. Not your average "double lobe" or ear rim. clients are asking for piercings that are crazy to see, yet tucked away under hair as to not upset bosses or parents paying for college. Executing these projects takes me to the limit of my skill set-and I dig the challenge!

Cheek/Dimple Piercing by Kathleen @ Lucky 7 Tahoe

On the t.v. program "Brett Micheal's Rock of Love" , one of the contestants rocked pierced cheeks.  Well, once this rare dimple style hardware was noticed, it took off like a rocket! This is a difficult piercing to do-as the area is hard to reach with fingers or tools. Plus, saliva glands can be damaged with the procedure quite easily. Each of my clients know the pitfalls BEFORE i pick up the needle. Many decided against having it done after knowing the details. But look at my beautiful chipmunk cheeked model with hers. Gorgeous!
"Miss Spear" wearing a "Triple Orbital" ear rim piercing By  Kathleen Langley
Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing North Lake Tahoe, Ca.
The orbital piercing is another challenge. Must be measured perfectly, as well as using 3 one inch needles. A needle prick waiting to happen! Clients must be informed of a long healing period. In addition, these multiple site piercings can take a year or more to heal all the way. In 2002 I had a client with so many of these piercings she had to sleep with her head laying on a round pillow with a hole in the middle to avoid discomfort! Now that is some dedication to the lifestyle! Many piercers will tell the customers to get 3 seperate rim piercing with 3 individual hoops to heal in. Then after initial healing, try and switch to the style of jewelry to the type seen here. I do not use this method, as I want the jewelry to work with the angles I create using measuring and the way I tilt the needles. This creates the least amount of friction for a lifetime of wear.
  Miss Spears wearing this piercing will create demand at her school this year. She will be the one to follow, to set the fashion. And I thank the Gods and Goddesses that business is good from CONNECTORS like her and all the young ones featured in this post. So do something new, be creative, and lets stick some new metal in ya!   Kathleen Langley L7T2