Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's new at Lucky 7 Tattoo....

Well Cats and Kittens, the Tahoe winter is kicking in. Nights have become much colder  (Russell and I have even had to stack another pug on the bed for warmth!)
Mr Fetchy Con Carne, bed warmer.

Cherry Blossom Branch
by Ben Karnofski
@ Lucky 7 Tattoo
Lake Tahoe, Ca
 Sadly the snow is mostly man made on the ski slopes. Mother Nature must be involved in some other business she deems more important than winter sports and mankind's thirst at the moment. Over the years we at L7T2 have come to figure out that our busiest winters are a "drought year." There are a few reasons I believe this is the case. Most folks who travel to Tahoe in a light snow year are disappointed with conditions on the slopes. Therefore they decide not to venture out more than a day or 2 when it is "rock city" on the their equipment. In addition, not many people will spend the big bucks a lift ticket and resort amenities costs when the mountain is only partially opened and the conditions are lacking. So some of those smart skiers and boarders decide that a trip to visit the world famous Lucky 7 family is in order. Thank the Heavens - or Mother Natures laziness in this case.
Blue Crawdaddy by
Ben Karnofski @
Lucky 7 Tattoo Tahoe

Fall and early Winter are always slower than the rest of the year in our shop. The Holiday season has consumers spending their resources on everyone and everything besides themselves. In order to keep our family/staff from getting too bored, and to help clients get themselves a holiday treat of ink or new metal this time of year, we have come up with several discounted offers that aim to please and get you in our door and away from your visiting relatives!

Double Dermal Anchor AKA Single Point Piercings
By Kathleen @ Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing
Kings Beach / North Lake Tahoe, Ca.
2 For 1 Piercings on Wednesdays - by appointment only. You can split the deal with a friend, pick any piercing and jewelry style. INCLUDES DERMAL ANCHORS. This event sells out every week, so call me know to reserve a time. Deal ends December 14 th

$25 Off Tattooing Certificates. These little babies are available in store, just for stopping by and saying hello! Wow, what an easy way to save yourself a few bucks! This offer ends on December 31st, so don't wait.

10 % Off Tattooing or Piercing Cards. For those newbies who are contemplating their first tattoo or piercing, and cost is a concern, this discount is for YOU and has no end date. L7T2 wants your first bod mod to be a great experience. No cut rate, half ass fly by night shop is going to exceed your expectations like we know we will. So email, call or stop by for your consultation and discount card to get started. This promotion ends May 30 th 2012
Peace Sunflower by Ben Karnofski
Lucky 7 Tattoo
Kings Beach/North Lake Tahoe, Ca

10 % Off Tattooing and Piercing for all Resort Employees. This offer is good for ANYONE who works for any ski resort, or in hospitality services in the Truckee, Tahoe and Northern Nevada areas.  Just bring in your current employee I.D. and receive the savings. This discount program ends April 15, 2012.

Starting in January L7T2 will have some new promotions to reward all you true blue friends/clients. Our wish is to kiss the lingering recession "adios" and get back to growth, both in overall sales as well as breaking new ground in our industry. Please feel free to forward any part of this blog to a friend so they can join in the savings. Offers can end early, and may not be combined.

Good Luck Clover by
Ben Karnofski @
All the tattoos included in this blog entry are inked our youngster Ben Karnofski, now a big grown up young man of 19! He's been a part of our team for over 2 years. The fellas and I sure are proud of the work he is creating. Ben has gone through his apprenticeship "old school" style. The time honored and traditional way that is customary to our trade. Sadly so many of the "tattooers/scratchers" that have popped up in droves for the past 5 years just buy equipment from eBay, look at videos online and attempt to "teach" themselves. Their victims have that "learning experience" for the rest of their lives, or until they can afford to pay a tattoo artist to cover it up or rework that "deal" they received in a friends kitchen or fly by night shop. Ben did his training the right way, and it sure does show, don't you agree?

Thanks for opening and reading this handy dandy little nugget from us here at L7T2. We so appreciate your business, and look forward to a brand new year just around the corner. All my best! Kathleen @L7T2