Friday, September 20, 2013

Being Your Own Hero..............

Everyone loves a hero.

As little girls we happily listened to bedtime stories of handsome young princes arriving on their white horse to rescue us from peril.

As adult consumers of goods and services, any professional who can problem solve issues in our over scheduled, jam packed lives is viewed as heaven sent.

With the art/industry of tattooing evolving a tremendous amount this last decade, heroes are needed to fix the mistakes of those wanna be tattooers who jumped on the bandwagon. They threw themselves into tattooing sans the proper art skills or serving an apprenticeship within an established shop.

The outcome we have all seen. Very mediocre looking tattoos everywhere you lay your eyes on exposed skin.
Biomech inspired cover up By Russell Fortier

A good deal of these tattoos could have turned out better.Just a little research, with a smidgen of self control, can keep bad choices from getting off the ground.

 If the tattoo consumer had just looked up the shop on YELP, City Search or Google Places or a dozen other online review guides - their inky mishap could be completely avoided.

They could have been their own HERO.

Rushing to a decision rarely works out well.

Learning patience will reward you in ways you cannot begin to imagine.
Feather Cover up By Corey Boobar

With tattoos, take your time to explore how others have conceptualized their similar design. Look past the first 10 pages in you GOOGLE IMAGES web search. Go back in time, before every tattoo had to have "meaning". Plenty of wonderfully cool tattoos have ZERO meaning to their owner. It is perfectly fine to get a tattoo that makes no sense to anyone but you - as long as you dig it, and you found an artist who wants to ink the pattern.

Koi Cover Up by Russell Fortier

When you approach your chosen shop/artist, be open to their knowledge. Those who are true tattoo artists will  guide you as to what works well in design. Be your own hero -be open to their feedback. If an artist tells you: "Its just not my thing to tattoo without a black outline." HEAR THEM. Be grateful for their honesty.

You can try another artist, or another shop. Never try to convince a tattoo artist  to do anything they have already declined to do. Hear them. Believe them. You have the ability to receive amazing tattoos.

Be mindful and patient. Be classy and smart. Be your own HERO.
Rose Cover Up By Russell Fortier