Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Burn Your Bridges - Think Before You Speak

We are cooking a bit up here at  The Jewel of the Sierras! With the heat comes the flat landers and visitors from all over the world. Some of the tourists are spending money this year. Its a nice change of pace from the last few summers - when the recession kicked off for us all in 2008. In the previous 9 months we here at L7T2 Tahoe have had the pleasure of serving clients, customers and friends who have not had the capital to visit the area, let alone buy extra cool services for the last 4 years. We are enjoying seeing all the old Lucky 7 clients once again!

"Americana Aviator Skull with Wings" by Jason A. Langley 
For the last two years, we have also been unable to find the right tattoo artist to join our family affair here. Had a few tattooers come and go for varies reasons - as I have told you about in previous blog entries. Let me tell you, having to turn away clients because we are already over booked kills me a bit each and every time. Alas, what do we have as a business if we do not have integrity? We can't just hire some mediocre, stuck up wanna be rock star to take up the slack. As a team we have chosen to just carry on as is. Having Corey and Russell do as much tattooing as they can - without letting them burn out.

This summer season the Gods decided to offer their help to us in a way I was not expecting. My ex husband Jason Langley has come to our rescue! Ex husband number 3 has gone out of his way to travel up interstate 80, from his home, young son and career working in Auburn CA's finest tattoo shop - to aid us during the busiest times of this season. Taking on numerous walk in customers, as well as lightening the load on my husband Russell and my other ex husband  Corey.

Working with Jason has been going even better than I had expected. As divorces go - ours was especially painful, for reasons I won't bore you with here. After my terrible first divorce at age 28 I learned to use old wisdom: NEVER BURN YOUR BRIDGES AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. These simple rules has enabled me to work with Corey, and now Jason. Because my husbands and I did not lash out at each other at the end of our romantic relationships, saying or doing horrible things - we can be friends and work together. When you think about  "special someones" who have been, or currently are in your life - they were  always your friend with traits you totally dug about them. So why not try to evolve the friendship once the romance is over? If you keep the damage to a minimum, I know it is possible.
"Horse Head Microphone with Japanese Waves and Cherry Blossoms"
by Russell Fortier at Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing
North Lake Tahoe / Kings Beach, CA

Our shop is doing great things because all of us show one another respect. The common goal of being successful in our chosen professions drives the business.

Which brings me to the next topic I want to let you all in on: The T.V. pilot we mentioned a few years back. Finally I have some positive news for us all!

After many false starts and stops, Lucky 7 has filmed a mini pilot for the production arm of one of the top networks! It came to be after the producer who signed us knocked on many doors around the television business. So many of these companies loved the idea of a show, but held back because our business is tattooing. With television already offering so many reality shows based on tattooing, it was hard to find a company who was willing to take the large financial gamble on producing a pilot.

Right as the entire Lucky 7 crew  took a collective *sigh* of sadness that nothing was going to happen for us, !BOOM! came this offer.

So in June a small production crew flew up to our little neck of the woods, spending 3 days hanging out with the extended Lucky 7 family. They made us laugh, cry and tell out crazy tales. When the crew departed they said encouraging words. So far so good.

The footage the studio shot will be used to "sell" the show to the network, or passed on if we don't "cut the mustard." We should have a definite "yes mam" or "no go" in about 8 to 10 weeks. Being a praying woman myself, I ask all of you to say a little something positive to your Higher Powers for a positive outcome. In my heart I know a show based in North Lake Tahoe / Truckee would be great not only for Lucky 7, but also for the Tahoe area itself.

"Black Dream Catcher with Simple Script"
by Russell Fortier @ Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing
Kings Beach / North Lake Tahoe, Ca.

 Here's hoping I get to tell you some great news about the show in my next blog entry. Hope you all are enjoying your Summer, and planning a visit for new ink or metal with us soon as you're not busy with summer sun and fun.


Kathleen @ Lucky 7 Tahoe