Thursday, February 6, 2014

Higher Education in the Tattoo Consumer - You Smart Cookies!

M.C Escher Piece By Russell Fortier at
+Lucky 7 Tattoo and Piercing 
Each and every budding tattoo collector deserves a hardy pat on the back - with a positive and boisterous coach nudging your shoulder, shouting in your ear "WAY TO GO KIDDO! 

For a number of years, the tattoo industry, as a whole,  has not been willing or able to keep up with our moral duty as "experts" to provide the proper information and education for new tattoo consumers. On occasion, the piss poor attitude of many shops and tattooers themselves has been at fault. Simply put - if you are "too cool" or "too busy" to bother with a potential customers inquiries - then you need to take an
etiquette course!

Sadly for newer converts to the wonderful world of tattooing - information has been gathered from television shows (bad and good), friends with tattoos, the online "second hand information highway", etc...Not very effective as a whole.

Yet with these challenges in educating themselves - clients are becoming much smarter when making choices for themselves! Consumers of tattooing are coming into their own - making better decisions in who, what, where and why.  This slow moving change is arriving. Not a moment too soon either.