Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 years of Lucky 7 Tattoo

So at 3 am last night I was laying wide awake, pugs snoring and all right in my little bedroom world. As I do from time to time my fingers did some walking through the worlds of GOOGLE and I found this blog Dan and Lisa started years ago....and I thought "why not bring it back." And with Dans permission to take it over - I am going to do just that...
As of March 31st Lucky 7 turned 10 years old...and what a cool, crazy journey it has been. I have divorced and remarried a few times... my business partner Corey being one of those ....proved to the negative lames around here that yes, a tattoo shop could and would do well in Kings Beach. When I was cleaning up the front of the our building back in March of 2001, all tired and excited about opening our shop, I remember well an older local man walking up to me and saying "The last thing this town needs is a tattoo shop, it needs more liquor stores" or another choice morsal was a local Plumas County Detective walsing in out first day, with big blonde hair and lots of "cop like" attitude belting out "You got any warrents or arrests for drugs? You got a proper business license? Why did you open here? and my personal favorite "You gang members?" Ugh yeah, that is what Corey and I dealt with as we opened up our dream...lots of preconceived notions of what tattoo shops have NEVER really been.
But alas, through all the usual and Unusual happening of the last 10 years we are still in operation, growing and learning, happy and all that jazz. Glad to have our own modern family owned shop. Happy to have retained a lot of our customers, and hoping for another glorious 10 years and then some...

Let me close with a yummy tattoo done by my hubby Russell Kahey-Fortier a little while back. He loves black and grey....and is quite fond of skulls and the dark side.

I will be posting weekely kids. So all 7 of you stay tuned!

Kathleen Langley