Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lucky 7 Tattoo Tuesday T Shirt Contest!

Wanna Win a Lucky 7 T shirt boys and girls?! 
Chris Sergi holding on to
your future wardrobe items.

OF COURSE YOU DO! So here is the story....

Kathleen managed to wrinkle 6 new Lucky 7 logo gear in her last travels abroad to aid elephants.  Being the classy joint we are - can't sell these wrinkled gems - so we are giving them away to our friends of Lucky 7.

 OKAY - here is the fun part!

Answer the following Lucky 7 trivia questions
(all you need is 4 correct to be in the drawing. Your name shall be entered into the "bucket-o- winners"! You can also earn more entries by sharing the contest post on your own social media pages! Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, whatever site you like. 

Time to "cut and paste" the following questions (with your answers) to the following address: 

Just type "Contest" in your entry email subject line - .

OKIE DOKIE - HERE WE GO (pssst...all answers can be found online).
Russell of Lucky 7 Tahoe circa 2012

  1.  What year did Lucky 7 open its doors? 
  2. Name the only 2 national holidays Lucky 7 closes its doors for each year?
  3. What is Russell's last name?
  4. Name Kathleen favorite animal?
  5. The last 4 digits of Lucky 7 phone number spells.....?
  6. Where was Russell born and raised?
  7. In what year did Kathleen begin her career as a body piercer

      Kathleen has been married 5 times - 3 of her marriages were to tattoo artists. Give the first name of each?

This contest ends on Friday, October 28th at 8 pm. So get to work on winning with your mad knowledge of Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing!!