Friday, November 8, 2013

" 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Get Tattooed or Pierced " (at least not for the time being)

 Every one of us in the English speaking world has had the following little bit of pseudo wisdom bellowed at us in a life defining moment- this golden oldie  - this sadly moronic and quite over used rally cry :   " You only live once!"  Usually it is barked at us by so called friends who want us to follow in their treacherous footsteps. Doing something completely stupid, dangerous and possibly life altering. In many cases, liquor has been consumed, or we have not matured out of wearing superhero underwear. Therefore our decision making skills are under developed. By our partners in crime announcing "You only live once", it circumvents our "fight or flight" instinct - helping us make a move. Many times the wrong one we may regret later

2 happy, beautiful and smart young ladies
 w/ new septum piercings
done by Kathleen @ Lucky 7 Tahoe
14kt Yellow Gold OHM
Nostril Screw - Custom
Bend to fit
In this current social climate of  having zero patience,  the "I WANT IT NOW" mentality, many folks- especially youngsters - dive in to tattooing and piercings with almost no forethought to how it can affect every aspect of their future. Especially when it comes to their employment and social standing. These days the world has had so much more exposure to the entire scope of body modifications. No longer are homemade tattoos lumped in with beautiful Japanese panels. Quality and care in body modifications shows and can be appreciated. The public as a whole will look at your tattoos, judge their quality and the story they tell. Passing silent thoughts of admiration or judgement about you.

In the interest of helping you make the correct decision for yourself and your future, I offer the following list of solid questions to contemplate BEFORE you rush out to get work done. You choices in this moment can and will affect your future. It may place LIMITS on your available choices in the future.
"Panda Munching Bamboo" by Russell Fortier
@ Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing

  1. Someone is "making" you. If someone in your life is pushing you toward ANYTHING in a forceful or coercive manner do not do it. Especially when it is a permanent change to your being. Never be forced to "prove" anything to anyone who says they care about you-period.
  2. Depression or pain is prominent in daily life. Some of the worst choices we make for ourselves is when we do not feel good for whatever reason. You do not want to walk around with a permanent reminder of that terrible time in your life. Scaring your body will not help you heal. Get help for what ails you before doing something you may regret later. Wait to make big life decisions when you are at your best mentally and physically. No matter if it take 2 weeks or 2 years. Those super cool ideas your currently have will still be there when you are feeling better.
  3.  Your pain tolerance is very low. With piercing, this isn't as much an issue-unless you desire a complicated, multiple point piercing project. Almost all of us can handle a few seconds of mild discomfort that can occur with a well executed, much desired piercing. However, when it come to tattooing, pain tolerance - or lack there for of- WILL have a huge impact on various components to receiving a quality tattoo. Imagine how disconcerting it will be for your tattoo artist - to have created an awesome tattoo design - only to have its application come out poorly due to your own behavior. Moving around, moaning and being a pain in their ass in no way helps your artist to do the job you hired them to do. No one can perform at their best when their customer is being difficult. No matter the cause. Know your limits kiddo. Sample the pain with a small or dainty design before biting off a big slice of the pie. 
  4. You ALWAYS Have to Have the Newest & The Best est Thing. If you are trendy, always having to have the newest, hippest designer goodies I say pass on the body modifications. You may be happy for a short amount of time, taking pleasure in the NEWNESS of the modification. But once some time has passed, or someone says "Oh my friend has an Infinity knot on her wrist just like your." dismay will replace the high of the new purchase. You will no longer feel special or fulfilled by your tattoo or piercing. Stick with haircuts or handbags. 
    "Male Lion Head" by Corey Boobar &
    Lucky 7 Tattoo & Piercing
    Lake Tahoe, California
  5. Will your Family Cut you Off?  No tattoo or piercing is worth having your family disown you. When Grandmother says she will not pay for college if you get tattoos just WAIT! Being grown up, having to pay for everything in your life is over rated! Do not offend your blood by rebelling with ink and metal. Once you have broken their hearts it sure will be hard to put the pieces back together. If you really, really want the tattoo, you will still want it in 4 years. And hell, in four years with a degree in hand you may find.....  
  6. Employment Opportunities Depend on How You Look. Having a degree is great. However, its only one piece of your employee package. Do you think a tattoo on your neck is going to be a problem when applying for an entry level management position? You bet it is! Even the entry level jobs at fast food restaurants do NOT allow their employees to have more than a couple piercing in each ear. What makes you think some big boss is going to hire you,  paying  40 K a year when you look like you should be turning a wrench at Jiffy Lube?!? No matter how popular tattoos and modern piercings have become, their is still a stigma for those of us who choose to wear them. Have your game plan for income in place before getting hardcore with your modification placements.
  7. You Have Not done ANY research into Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers OR Shops. Put the brakes on Right This Minute! Walking in to the closest shop to your pad is rolling the dice with you looks and health! Ask a few people with good looking, healed work. Use Google Places for reviews. Check a few places out in person. Read my blog entries with shop selection suggestions - ANYTHING to assure yourself you will receive great work, in a fun yet professional atmosphere. Tattooers have a reputation for acting like rock stars - even when their tattoo skills suck. Do you want to spend hours of your time and lots of your hard earned cash with someone who acts like a horses ass? Who does not care about his work- because he just turns and burns that shops customers with crappy work all day - then moves on to the next crappy shop 5 miles down the road when word gets out about how bad the work is at his old shop....

"Filigree, Rose with Skull" by Russell Fortier
@ Lucky 7 Tattoo
Lake Tahoe, Ca.
(thanks S.W.)

Did my questions get you thinking? GOOD! Food for thought my darlings....

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