Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Cherry Tattoo

Cherry Tattoos

Cherries have been present in the tattoo community for decades. It is a seemingly small fruit that has become an icon in traditional tattoos as well as in the fashion world. From underwear to purses and clothing, cherry print is an ever present decor usually associated with sexiness and confidence. Of all the fruits, why cherries?

Cherries by Russell Fortier

The sexual connotations of the cherry within western culture is something that really can't be ignored when discussing this design. Cherries have become a symbol of purity and temptation. A preserved and intact cherry is readily associated as a symbol of virtue and virginity. With this interpretation it is also associated as a symbol of temptation, as something that is forbidden but still desired and yearned for. The cherry is a much more popular design than the apple which is the forbidden fruit in biblical terms, but tangibly the cherry creates a much more graphic image with its soft supple flesh, and sweet red juice. It is a much more delicate fruit and can be damaged or defiled more easily. A person with a tattoo of a cherry with a bite out of it, or a split can be interpreted as someone who has lost their virtue or who has given into temptation. Tattoos of cherries with whipped cream or chocolate sauce are all the more sweet and tempting.

Sailor Jerry Flash

Cherries are also a prevalent symbol associated with gambling a slot machines. Gambling, like sex, is another topic that many consider a vice. Another source of temptation that can bring great gratification or great hardship.  

Skull Cherry Painting by LEGO

Whatever reason a person may be motivated to get a cherry tattoo, there are a variety of great designs to fit the needs of any client. It is a sexy symbol most often associated with femininity that makes a great tattoo anywhere on the body. They are often seen on the hips or near the pelvic area which heightens the sexuality factor, but common on many other parts of the body as well. You may want a cherry tattoo simply because you like the way the design looks. Regardless of what connotations this design has, it has and will be a prevalent design in tattooing that isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If you don't have any tattoos, it is a great design to have your tattoo "cherry" popped.   

Cherry Wooden Cutout